Story of the Hair Towel

It was just another day on maternity leave, checking the emails while the baby was asleep. Online discount companies, such as Offerium, were quite popular back in those days. And there it was, spotted, a small banner of a turban that would stay on your head after a shower. What a brilliant idea! An order for eight pieces was placed.

The turbans arrived quite soon. The first impression, though, was not very impressive. The visual appearance and colors were poor, the turban was too small and the attachment with a button and string felt difficult. The material reminded more like a kitchen wipe rather than a pampering item for your daily beauty routine.

But still, it was the idea of a towel which stays on your head and gives you free hands to do your beauty routine or enjoy a cup of your favorite drink after a shower that delighted us. We both had babies back in the summer of 2013 and it was clear a Hair Towel would add a practical element into the daily routines at home, especially with the baby.

After sharing those eight turbans with friends and family, it was confirmed. The concept was brilliant, we just needed to upgrade the implementation.   We wanted the Hair Towel to have a modern look, so harmonious Scandinavian colors were chosen. We added a trim surrounding the face to make the user look beautiful.  We put our logo on the side, hoping this would eventually state “it is high quality and a brand you can trust”, by just looking at the brand name.


Curly or straight hair? Long or short hair?  We wanted the design to please all girls and women, why not men as well.

The size and shape of the towel was rather easy to determine. We bought some towel material and sewed different sized samples. Then we tested the samples with our family and friends and found the perfect size. The moment we realized we were ready was when the otherwise poorly sleeping baby had a sample towel on her cot and fell asleep immediately having her face against the towel.

That’s when we knew in our hearts this is it. 


Our favorite story about hair towels is probably a story one of our customers has shared with us. She told us she has used a clothes peg to attach a towel on her hair after the shower for years before buying one of our hair towels.

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