Bamboo Kaftan Pearl Gray


This easy care and light Bamboo Kaftan has a cashmere like softness – a cozy and light accessory for everyday use.

Wear it at the comfort of your own home or use with a belt and you are ready for afternoon tea with your friends. Hand knotted fringes are a beautiful design detail.

One Size fits all: Width 35in x Length 40 in.

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  • Material 90% bamboo, 10% cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Certificates: Bamboo has FSC sertificate, cotton has Oeko-tex certificate

Nice to know! There are two different approaches to produce bamboo textiles: mechanical and chemical process. The mechanical process is rare as it is much more time consuming and costly. The mechanical process involves crushing the woody part of the plant, and then using natural enzymes to break and process the bamboo to yarn. The chemical process involves turning the bamboo fiber with chemicals into a regenerated cellulose fiber. In the chemical process some of the great features of bamboo is weakened. As a summary only the mechanically produced bamboo can actually be called a bamboo fabric, chemically produced bamboo is called bamboo rayon fabric.

Weight .5 oz


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